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Samta & Onkar

Best of Chile Tour
Samta, INDIA
We recently took a 30-day trip to Chile with Latin Discoveries, along with our 15-month-old toddler. We flew domestically five times, starting from Santiago and visiting Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Punta Arenas, and Puerto Montt. Despite the challenges of travelling with a young child, we wanted to explore as much as possible, including day hikes in Patagonia and immersing ourselves in the local culture. We were impressed with Gabriela, our travel agent at Latin Discoveries, who did a fantastic job organizing our complex itinerary and tailoring it to our interests. She took care of every tiny detail, which allowed us to relax and fully enjoy our trip. Our driver, Ariel, was also wonderful and gave us a warm welcome every time he picked us up in Santiago. The accommodations provided by Latin Discoveries were top-notch, and the food was absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend Latin Discoveries to anyone considering a trip to Chile. They truly went above and beyond to make our trip an unforgettable experience.
Published on 2023/02/17

Yong Cheng

Best of Chile Tour
A wonderful experience in Patagonia and Atacama Desert, made possible by the experience and professionalism of Gabriela. We highly recommend using Latin Discoveries.
Published on 2023/02/15


Buenos Aires, Iguazu Tour
Sheldon, Wisconsin, USA
Overall working with Thomas went OK. His English skills were excellent in communication however, in planning our trip to Argentina, I was expecting more. The biggest glaring error was in the scheduling our time between Buenos Aries and Iguazú Falls. There was a full day in the original schedule that was wasted until I went over the schedule with him. Booking me on a 530pm flight with nothing to do all day in Buenos Aires when I should’ve been able to spend it all day in the Falls was a mistake. When I pointed it out to Thomas, I told him I wanted to get a Iguazú Falls as soon as possible and I went to the Internet and found out that he had booked me on 530 pm Argentina airline. I found out that they had a flight leaving at noon, I was stuck with a $260 change fee to get there earlier. I should not have had to pay this fee. This is ridiculous. This should’ve been thought out by professionals that I hired to come up with my overall schedule. Why should I be stuck with that fee when it should be paid for by the travel agency, in addition, the initial travel agent in Iguazu Falls was just terrible. After a couple hours I knew that my wife and I would never be happy with her. She lacked detailed information on the area let alone her English abilities were subpar. In addition, her attitude was poor. I dismissed her and had the concierge’s contact the travel agency, and we were very fortunate to have an excellent replacement with Sergio. We also had other great travel agents with Stephen as well Patricia in Uruguay. But the amount of work that I had to be involved with in selecting what I wanted was greater than I expected to set up a trip when a company is being paid big money to do it.
Published on 2023/01/30


Argentina, Bolivia, Chile Tour
Great capacity in changing the destination last minute and organizing something different. Jorge and Crisso were just the best guides! Cristian as well in Santiago was absolutely great, along with the guide in San Pedro de Atacama. Juan Carlos in La Paz it's absolutely a NO, forgetting things and not engaging with customers.
Published on 2023/01/04


Chile, Torres del Paine Adventure Tour
Cynthia, USA
My family and I had a wonderful trip to Chile. Gabriela was very accommodating with working with me to plan an itinerary that was varied and fit my family's interests. She was also very prompt with responses to my questions. All of the activities and accommodations were great. We had one issue with a late pick-up at an airport, however, Gabriela was very responsive in helping to contact the driver and assure us he was on his way. The driver had had issues with traffic and was very apologetic. We had no issues on other days with the same driver so I think it was just an unfortunate evening. The guides for all of our activities were fantastic. The days felt well balanced and we also had time to relax. I would definitely plan a trip with Latin Discoveries again!
Published on 2023/01/04

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