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Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru Tour
Overall experience with Latin Discoveries was good, dealing with Daniel and other team members via WhatsApp was pretty quick and easy. However, there were couple of instances which i believe can be improved upon. 1. once i had approved the proposal and payment was made, I had to send couple of emails asking if the payment was received or not. 2. the travel books came in as seperate for each country, however for ease of understanding if an overall summary would have been given it would have been good. 3. the travel book came pretty close to our travel so not much time to review and question some of the timing (flight times etc.)
Published on 2023/09/11


Rio de Janeiro, The Route of Emotions Tour
We had a very nice trip. The dunes are absolutely amazing, and the whole coast is very beautiful. The only parts kept the trip from being perfect is that the tour company needs to be more communicative about the various tours the day before, so that we could prepare. One hotel was also a weird choice (Pousada Portas da Amazonia), which was located outside of Barreirinhas far from any restaurants, and did not have its own restaurant, leaving us in a difficult situation (again without prior information). Apart from these incidents, it was a great trip over the 9 days.
Published on 2023/08/18


Machu Picchu, Cusco, Paracas, Ica, Nazca Lines Tour
We received an excellent service from this Agency. Their services were over our expectation always. We must give thanks to all our guides people: Carla, Fernando and Jaime because they were wonderful and kind people, full of knowledge about the terrain, places and history. Without them our trip never could be the same, even it could have been impossible without them. The agency had everything perfectly organized when we arrived at the airport and everything in between: transportation, reservations, hotels, etc. until the last minute, that they took us to the airport to return back home. If you would like to feel secure, safe and in professional hands and at the same time enjoy a wonderful trip to Peru then call this Agency and ask for those guides: Carla in "El Valle Sagrado", Fernando for Machu Pichu and Jaime to visit the Rainbow Mountain.
Published on 2023/08/17


Atacama Tour
The tour was great. Great informative guides like Ricardo and Esteban. Also very safe and helpful drivers like Jorge and Mauricio. I would highly recommend booking with Latin Discoveries in the future.  
Published on 2023/08/07


Chile Family Tour
Missouri, USA
The Valparaiso guide, Esteban, was fantastic. Interesting, fun, really knowledgeable. The Santiago guide, Ricardo, was very mediocre. He opined too much about how America was bad, and didn't do enough guiding. He was boring. He would ask the kids if they were bored and they would say yes and he would shrug hia shoulders instead of trying to become more engaging. We wasted too much time talking in non-special spots (at the bottom of the mountain) which then limited time in places that were really cool (at the top of the mountain).
Published on 2023/07/25

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