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Learn about who we are (and what we are not), what we do (and what we won’t), why it matters, and why you can trust us with your trip to South America. We even share some great tips on how to choose the right online travel agency! That´s who we are

If you are reading this page it probably means that you have already spent several hours online searching for the right option for your South American tour and the right travel agency. Do you feel lost between the (too) numerous websites selling trips to South America and wonder who to trust?

You might have stumbled upon a South American travel agency with competitive prices and great offers, but you are not sure whether they will deliver on their services, as you have never heard of them before.

So you are wondering whether it would be safer to spend the extra money to book your trip with a global tour-operator selling non-specialized tours all over the world, rather than give a try with a local South American travel agency?

Well, here is how WE are going to help you find the right offer.

As a professional South American travel agency based in 6 countries with passionate travelers working behind the scenes, everyone at Latin Discoveries knows about this dilemma. There is an unbelievable amount of online travel agencies offering trips to South America, some extremely reliable and other that you should avoid at all costs, so where should you look? From the highly popular tour professionals broadcasting to thousands of social media followers selling hundreds of different destinations to the cheaper agencies with poorly-designed and questionable websites void of customer reviews or any references, where is the right fit for you?

Don’t worry: ‘the truth is out there’ and we are going to help you make the right decision by unveiling the truth about travel.

There are 3 ways of traveling the world:

  1. 1. Backpacking: maybe you have more time than budget, so you have decided to organize your trip from A to Z yourself, making all travel arrangements yourself, searching and booking flights, trains, buses, accommodation, guides, tours, and extra activities yourself. If that is the case, we are very sorry, but we will not be of any help as this is about doing everything yourself.
  2. 2. Traveling with a group: there are many large online travel agencies (called tour-operators) that offer scheduled departures with other travelers. They often have affordable options and you might meet new people and even make friends during your trip, but that goes with a total lack of flexibility about the dates or the itinerary itself, that often means traveling to the most touristic and overcrowded places and the risk of encountering the usual inconveniences when traveling with a group of 10 or more. If this is what you are after, sorry again, but we are not this kind of travel agency.
  3. 3. Private or tailor-made travel: you and your Travel Expert will design THE trip of your dream together at the most suitable dates for you and within your budget. Your Travel Expert will help you meet your expectations and requirements by finding the right hotels, restaurants, and excursions for and with you. Booking a private tour also means traveling at your own pace with guides 100% dedicated to you. At Latin Discoveries, we offer extensive private trips to our 6 destinations with 3 hotel categories (3*, 4*, 5*) and 3 meal plans (bed & breakfast, half-board, full board), meaning 9 options to choose from. We also offer complete offline customized experiences. Our international team of locally based travel experts is available to work on a 100% tailor-made itinerary for your next South American trip.

But how do you choose the right online travel agency?

  • Evaluate if their website can be deemed serious by asking the following: Is the content up to date? Are prices clearly stated? Do the offers seem complete? Is it written in proper English or does it feel like a poorly automated translating job? Does the website look modern and professional? Remember, however, that a nice-looking functional website does not necessarily mean that a travel agency will offer a great service onsite, but it does mean that it has enough resources (and hence enough customers and experience) to invest in a professional website.
  • Check if they have any trustworthy customer reviews. By trustworthy we mean real reviews: good or excellent, obviously, but also some not-so-positive ones. Why does it matter to have negative customer reviews and not just excellent ones? Because it proves that this travel agency is being transparent. Every honest and serious travel expert will agree that it is impossible to achieve a consistent 100% satisfaction rate. Every trip is subject to unpredictable events (a flight delayed, a storm, a strike, …) or minor inconveniences (no hot water in a hotel room) that can all impact a trip and therefore attract negative reviews. Though the world of travel is a world of dreams, perfection cannot be achieved every single time. So, if you see a negative comment, read if and how it has been answered. Is the tone friendly and understanding? Does it look like the agency took the proper measures to address their client’s complaint? The way a negative review is handled is one way to tell if the travel agency cares about their clients’ concerns and issues. It also shows if they are willing to improve their services, or if they would rather insinuate that the issue comes from the client (not so nice…).
  • Choose travel agencies that are specialized in the travel destination(s) you are interested in. For the same price, would you rather buy a pair of running shoes from a trusted sneaker store or from a supermarket? The answer seems obvious so why would you book a trip to South America with someone who is not specialized in the region? Believe us, it takes a lot to know and sell trips to one single country. To do it professionally, one needs to know and understand the country’s history, its culture, its geography, its transportation system, its hotel offers, its cuisine, its local customs and a lot of smaller details that, if not considered, could easily ruin a trip that looked good on paper. Even the best travel agent on earth will not be able to properly sell more than a dozen destinations.

All clear now? So why should you consider Latin Discoveries as the right choice for your private trip to South America?


We are a group of over 100 South American travel experts that have been operating fully customized private and group tours in South America and only in South America since 1997. We currently welcome an average of 6,000 travelers each year. For over 20 years, we have been designing and selling all kinds of trips (private, group, incentives) to major Canadian, French, Belgian, Swiss and Spanish travel agencies and tour operators through our Gaston-Sacaze brand. And we have been selling tours directly to English-speaking travelers from all over the world through our Latin Discoveries brand and website since 2006.


Our 100+ Travel Experts have visited and vetted every single one of the tour guides, hotels, restaurants, and activities we offer to ensure the best possible service and experience during your visit. Most of us are native to this beautiful region and know our country inside out. In short: we know EXACTLY what we are offering you.


We sell South America from our 9 offices located in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. That means that when you book with us, one of us will be talking to you, designing, organizing, and managing your travel experience from A to Z. This means no third parties, complex communication trails, or inflated prices due to a multitude of actors along the way. You get streamlined communication, from recognized local Travel Experts, at a very competitive price.


We offer you flexibility as you can customize your tour by choosing from 3 hotel categories and 3 meal plans while booking your tour directly online. If you are looking for a completely personalized experience, our Travel Experts will be more than happy to elaborate on a 100% tailor-made tour that can combine up to 6 countries.


Creating an immediate positive impact on our planet is extremely important to us. That's why we donate 1% to the NGO Nature and Culture International towards the conservation of 3 endangered South American ecosystems. And as you get to pick the ecosystem you want us to support, we both commit to the future of our planet!


Last but not least: 95% of our guests go back home delighted. Your satisfaction is ours too! It makes us happy and inspires us to keep up working passionately on crafting unforgettable travel experiences!


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Paraná 754 | Piso 11 B | C1017 AAP

Buenos Aires | ARGENTINA

Tel: (+54) 11 4519 8247

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Avenida Atlântica n°2964, Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro | BRAZIL

Tel: (+55) 21 98149 3135

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Av. Arce, Ed. Cobija 2355, Piso 5-501


Tel: (+591.2) 2120 503

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General Holley N° 170, Piso 2

Providencia 7510186 I CHILE

Tel: (+56) 22 3 35 44 96

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Avenida República del Salvador N35-196 

y Suecia

Edificio Delta | Piso 8 | Oficina 82

Quito 170505 | ECUADOR

Tel: (+593) 2 393 38 40

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Av. Javier Prado Este 210

Edificio Safico 8a

15036 San Isidro | LIMA | PERU

Tel: (+51) 1 593 5440

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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