Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

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The months between April and November are the best time to visit Peru.


Peru's climate is marked by two seasons (dry and wet), with large variations from one region to another (coast, mountain and Amazon).


The desert coast is arid. In summer time (from December to April, 20 to 30 degrees), the sky remains cloudy, with hot and sweaty weather. The rest of the year (12 to 20 degrees), you experience the garúa (grey coastal fog), which often hides the sun.


As soon as one enters the Andes (10 to 25 degrees), it really has alternating seasons, dry (from April to October) and wet (December to March). In the dry season, days are bright and sunny and the nights are cold. On the contrary, during the wet season, there may be some rain during the afternoon.


In the Amazonian (22 to 32 degrees), the heat and humidity rise during the wet season (from November to April) with heavy rain at any time.