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Ecuador is a multiethnic and multicultural nation.
Its population exceeds 13 million people who mainly live on the coast and in the Andes.
In its three continental regions (mountains, jungle and coast) live 13 indigenous nationalities.

Quichua communities of the East, Huaorani, Achuar, Shuar, Cofan, Siona, Secoya, Shiwiar and Zaparo are in the Amazonia.
In the Andean region live the Quichuas de la  Sierra.
The coast is home to the Chachi, Cayapas, Tsáchilas and the Awa.

The three most populated cities of the country are Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca.
The Ecuadorian population is characterized by its youth: 38.8% is under 15 years and 49.6% is less than 20 years.

The official language is Spanish. Most of the indigenous population also speaks Quechua, but there are also 18 different languages spoken in Ecuador.

85% of the population is Catholic.
During the last decade, evangelism has hugely grown at the national level, both in urban and in indigenous communities.

Democratic Republic. The current president is Eco. Rafael Correa.