Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

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The best time to visit Ecuador is all year round. The highlands' dry season (the best time for hiking and climbing) is June to August, which coincides with the wettest months in the Jungle.


Trekking in the Jungle is best done in the dry season, from late August through February. As for crowds and costs, the high season both on the mainland and in the Galápagos tends to be mid-December through January and June to August, when most of the vacationing foreign visitors arrive.


If you're visiting the Galápagos, you'll find the warm rainy season from January to April, which is the best time for snorkelling; the rest of the year, the water is cooler, typically around 20°C (68°F). The mainland coast has similar weather patterns, and its beaches fill up from January to May during coastal Ecuador 's school holidays.


June through August sees vacationists descend, though the weather's generally gone chilly by then. Not too chilly, but comfortable.