Alausi Train Ride in Andes

Alausi Train Ride in Ecuador Andes

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Travel to Ecuador Andes: Alausi Train


As if Ecuador did not have enough to offer, with its travel to the Galapagos islands, the chance to stand on the highest spot in the world, its beautiful art and architecture, one of the most interesting and exciting things you can do on your visit to Ecuador is to take a train ride.


This is not an ordinary train ride, however; the Alausi Train ride is also called the “Devil’s Nose” (La Nariz del Diablo in Spanish), so named because the hill that it descends is almost vertical.


Being part of this incredible engineering feat is its own thrill, but you will also have the pleasure of passing through beautiful scenery and lovely traditional villages before you reach Alausi, and the descent down the Devil’s Nose.