Patagonian Ice Fields

Northern Patagonian Ice Fields

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Northern Patagonia Ice Field, travel to Chile


The Northern Patagonian Ice Field is the remnant of the prehistoric Patagonian Ice Sheet that covered most of Patagonia in the Quaternary age.


Today, it is still the second largest continuous mass of ice outside of the Artic zones.  As in so many parts of Patagonia, there is an otherworldly feel about traveling in this icy region. Viewing this exotic beauty is made easier and more fascinating by access via the Austral Road, which winds through the ice fields, as well as through virgin forests and stunning glaciers. 


Tourists can hike, boat, fish, enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna, take stunning photographs, and, of course, climb. One of the main attractions is San Clemente Mountain, the highest mountain in Chilean Patagonia.