Easter Island

Easter Island

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Easter Island, Chile tour


Easter Island tours will change your life forever, as it has most visitors. You can only stand in awe at the magical stone moai, gazing out over the sea that have enthralled visitors and puzzled scientists for ages.

A trip to Easter Island brings us to our spiritual roots, wondering about the strength of the forces of belief and mysticism that induced the ancient people to expend such effort for this monumental display.

Viewing the remnants of ceremonial sites and village and prehistoric art makes even the most jaded of us wonder about the beliefs and imaginings of early man.

And here, in this enchanted place, nature is surely not outdone by man: the dramatic volcanic crater, endless vistas stretching to the horizon (Easter Island is the most remote inhabited island in the world), white sand beaches, fascinating landscapes and fiery sunsets would be worth the visit even without the enigmatic sculptures, paintings and ceremonial areas. 

A unique destination that Home to one of the world's most awe-inspiring and least-understood cultures, Easter Island now offers the curious traveler a destination like no other, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to marvel at the island's archaeological and natural wonders.


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