Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit

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Patagonia Argentina
Its high season covers Argentine in Spring and Summer, from September to April.
Apart from this long season, tourist activity is profoundly reduced: many hotels and estancias close, trips are shorter and less numerous. Some domestic air connections are no longer assured.
However, in low season, it is also significant that you can take advantage of these natural places emptied of the crowds of tourists.
During winter, sports activities related to the level of snow are taking place, like skiing in Ushuaia, dog sledding, snowshoeing, snow scooters, ...

Wildlife Ushuaia: Magellanic penguins are visible from October to April.

Peninsula of Valdes (Wildlife)
It is important for this destination to consider the seasonality of various animals seen on the Valdes Peninsula and its surroundings:
- Southern right whales: animals visible from June to December
- Magellan Penguins: animals visible from September to April
- White Dolphins: animals visible all year
- Dark Dolphins: animals visible from September to May
- Sea lions and eared seal are visible all year
- Orcs: animals visible from September to December and February to April, but very difficult to observe.

Iguazu Falls
They can be visited all year round, and summer is the hottest season (tropical climate). Sometimes, some tours cannot be done because of the amount of water, depending on the period and the climate:
- It is too high and therefore dangerous,
- It is too low and therefore some areas are impassable.

Northwest Argentina
From December to March is the rainy season. For this reason, it is low season at this time. Indeed, the rains that affect the Northwest Region during the summer may sometimes prevent access to certain areas of the mountains and some traditional tours, even if the area remains largely accessible.